Need generators or heating for your event?

Service accessories

Serving spoons

Tongs, forks and knives

BBQ utensils



Serving forks and knives

Cake server

Fork and cake utensil

Round stainless tub

Glass punch bowl

Deluxe tray Pontrelli

Chocolate Fountain

Pop Corn maker

Chafer dish with 1 to 3 sections included

Champagne fountain (silver)

Champagne fountain (gold)

55 cups deluxe percolator

Coffee pitcher and teapot


Heat lamp

100 cups Coffee Thermos

Clear-away tray

Silver punch bowl

Salad bowl – shell

Plastic service bowl 15″, 18″

2-storey tray, 15″

3-storey tray 20″

55 cups deluxe percolator

1/2 litre carafe and 1 litre carafe

Bread basket

Chocolate Fountain

Heat lamp

Coffee pitcher (stainless)

Punch bowl

Coffee pitcher (isolated)

Teapot (stainless)

Coffee Thermo

Cold liquid dispenser

Popcorn maker

Ice bucket

Water pitcher

Rectangular chafer dish

Stainless sauceboat

Rectangular chafer dish

Porcelain sugar pot and creamer

Round chafer dish

Insulated food servers

Oval stainless tray

Pontrelli trays

Punch fountain with silver trims

Punch fountain with gold trims

Glass silex

Cotton Candy machine